Paule Saviano
"From Above: Dresden/Tokyo"
4 - 27 Feb. 2011

co-hosted with Dresden City

Paule Saviano

Paule Saviano
"From Above" in Nagasaki
@Nagasaki Peace Museum
29 Jun. - 19 Jul. 2010

produced by COSMIC SOUL + Gallery ef
in collaboration with Community Media Co., Ltd.
supported by Nagasaki Foundation for the Promotion of Peace

Paule Saviano

JIBO Presents
Wang Chaoying in Austria, Feldkirch, Vorarlberg
"Heng: The resolution of paradox"
@Johanniter Church
4 Feb. - 3 Apr. 2010

in collaoration with City Feldkirch

Johan Peter (JP) Hol
"Gay Squirrel and the Tail/Tale of the Cat on the Moon"
clay animation film
16 Oct. - 8 Nov. 2009

Paule Saviano
"From Above"
13 Mar. - 12 Apr. 2009

in collaboration with Nagasaki Foundation for the Promotion of Peace, The Center of the Tokyo Raid and War Damages

Paule Saviano

Elisabeth Kopf
"air cigarette | Tokyo Ideal"
graphic art
25 Apr. - 19 May 2008
supported by: Austrian Embassy/ Cultural Forum

Elisabeth Kopf interview
Elisabeth Kopf

Thomas Bohle
"Chibi-Toh"Elisabeth Kopf interview
ceramic (stoneware)
1 - 21 Jan., 13 - 25 Feb. 2008
supported by: Austrian Embassy/ Cultural Forum

Thomas Bohle

Ian Jehle
"Here's to You"
portrait drawing
9 - 26 Nov. 2007

Ian Jehle

J.P. Hol
mixed media
19 Oct. - 4 Nov. 2007
in collaboration with: studio J, Osaka
supported by: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
sponsored by:

Joëlle Bitton
interactive installation
3 Aug. - 2 Sep. 2007
supported by: Service culturel, Ambassade de France au Japon
DICREAM/CNC (Ministère de la Culture)
sponsored by: SANYO

Joëlle Bitton

Josef Bernhardt
"House of Birds"
mixed media
6-16 Jul. 2007
supported by: Austrian Embassy/ Cultural Forum

Paule Saviano
"Striptease Burlesque"
1-24 Jun. 2007

Paule Saviano

JIBO Presents
"Yi Dong"
joint exhibition of Japanese and Chinese artists in Austria
3 - 25 Mar. 2007
in collaboration with JIBO Tokyo, Shanhgai, Austria
supported by Palais Liechtenstein (Feldkirch, Vorarrberg, Austria), Land Vorarlberg, City Feldkirch, PHIL co.,ltd.
sponsored by: X-change project personal sponsors

Yi Dong

Zhang Shaojun x Thomas Bohle
painting x ceramic + film
1 Jan. - 5 Feb. 2006

Thomas Bohle
Gerhard Klocker

Susan Pietzsch
"Kostbarkeiten - kakegae no nai mono"
contemporary jewerly
22 Sep. - 16 Oct. 2005
German Year in Japan

Susan Pietzsch

JIBO Presents lecture tour in Europe

15-20 Jun. 2005
Wang Chaoying
"TOMPA characters and KANJI - The development of hieroglyphs and culture"
Vienna, Dornbirn (Austria)/ Zurich (Swiss)/ Stuttgart (Germany)


Heimo Wallner
drwaing/ animation/ music/ performance
1-17 Apr. 2005
supported by: Austrian Embassy/ Cultural Forum
SKE austro mechana, M.E.L. Kunsthandel

Heimo Wallner

Christof Cargnelli
"Second Order Circuit"
sound installation
12-21 Nov. 2004
supported by: Austrian Embassy/ Cultural Forum

Christof Cargnelli

Steffi Jüngling
interactive online project with real LOVE HOTEL
15-30 Sep. 2004
in collaboration with HOTEL SUNFLOWER (Asakusa)


JIBO Presents MiYABI-tai Project in Shanghai

"Dan Ya"
Thomas Bohle ceramics
2 -18 Jul. 2004

Wang ChaoYin, Thomas Bohle, Daniela Egger


Aaron Kerner
"Collapsing Histories - time, space and memory"
14 Jul. - 16 Aug. 2004
curation | Aaron Kerner
in collaboration with Daigo FukuRyu Maru Exhibition Hall

Collapsing Histories

Thomas Bohle
"ya shi"
28 Apr. - 21 Jun. 2004
supported by: Austrian Embassy/ Cultural Forum, Vorarlberg State Government
in collaboration with: Daniela Egger, JIBO

Thomas Bohle

Irena Khaikin
19 Mar. - 12 Apr. 2004
supported by: Embassy of Israel

Zhang Shao Jun
black ink drawing
"Balanceology - guan xi xue"
24 Dec. 2003 - 18 Jan. 2004

Leonardo Pellegatta
"VISIONI- maboroshi"
13 Nov. - 14 Dec. 2003

supported by Italian Institute of Culture, Tokyo

Filiz Emma Soyak
"Striving to be Conscious"
1 Oct. - 3 Nov. 2003
Swedish Style 2003

Filiz Emma Soyak

Ruth Wieder Magan + Victoria Hanna
"Mother Tongues"
ancient Hebrew singing
14 Jul. 2003
in collaboration with: Embassy of Israel
Dave Besseling
"ce qui entre doit sortit - WHAT GOES IN MUST COME OUT"
11 Sep. - 14 Oct. 2002

Dave Besseling

Wang Chao Ying
"Stream of The Wind, Feeling of The Wind"
TOMPA character/ culture of Naxi Tribe, YunNan Province in China
3 Jul. - 1 Sep. 2002

Sharon Gershoni
"Silent Nature"
25 Apr. - 19 May 2002

supported by: Embassy of Israel, FUJI FILM Co.,Ltd.
cooperated by: Artist Space Co.,Ltd., ben graphique, Misato Offset Printing Co.,Ltd.


Masao"BEN"Taniguchi in Amsterdam
"A Text Named the Bible Design for Function"
graphic design
1 Dec. 2001- 10 Jan.2002
cooperated by: Conscious Dreams Kokopeli, Amsterdam


Susanne Ring + Oliver Grajewski
"she devil - icke ooch"
mixedmedia, illustration
14 Sep. - 14 Oct.2001
supported by: Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany
sponsored by: IFA, Fuji trading company, X-change project personal sponsors

Oliver Grajewski
Susanne Ring

Gerhard Klocker
"9 cuts"
18Apr. - 27 May 2001
supported by: Austrian Embassy/ Cultural Forum
sponsored by: Land Vorarlberg, Fuji trading company, X-change project personal sponsors

Gerhard Klocker

Shovel Head in Amsterdam
"The Day Breaks as Usual"
metal & clay object
15 Dec.2000 - 27 Jan.2001
cooperated by: Conscious Dreams Kokopeli Amsterdam, ben graphique
sponsored by: X-change project personal sponsors
Shovel Head

Gabriele Gmeiner
"Shoes Reflecting Japanese Culture"
30 Dec.2000 - 28 Jan.28 2001
supported by: Austrian Embassy
sponsored by: Land Vorarlberg, Fuss und Schuh Culture (Tokyo), X-change project personal sponsors

Zhang Shao Jun
"Story in Backgarden"
typograph & photograph
15-26 Mar. 2000

Sha Sha Higby
"Forest of The Sea of Trees"
21 Mar.1999 at Ohmi-Gakudo
suponsored by: GUDAN GARAM

She Sha Higby

advertise poster
"French Advertise Poster"
10-28 Feb.1999
supported by: Embassy of France/ French Year in Japan

Robin Kandel
24 Dec.1998 - 9 Jan.1999
sponsored by Anchor Brewing Co., Ltd
in collaboration with Aaron Michael Kerner, curator

translation work
Gabriele Gmeiner
"Step by Step"

translation work
Oliver Grajewski
"Tigerboy" #18/19

Gallery éf | JIBO

Feb. | A solo exhibition of Chinese artist Wang Chaoying "Heng: The resolution of paradox" at Johanniterkirche, Feldkirch, Vorarlberg
Mar. | A joint exhibition of Japanese and Chinese artists "Yi Dong (invisible movement)" is produced in Austria
at Palais Liechtenstein, Johanniterkirche: Feldkirch
Landesbibliothek Vorarlberg, Gallery K12: Bregenz


Mar. | Stephan Settele's film "Yuan You" is released

Jul. | JIBO Gallery opens in Shanghai

Nov. | Chen Liang and Thomas Bohle collaborate for the first time, results are shown at Shanghai Art Fair


Feb. | Wang Chaoying + JIBO RED
publishes a book "Junjyo Monogatari" about Naxi tribe's hieroglyph and its culture

Feb. | tour to YunNan province in China in support of the shooting of Stephan Settele's documentary film

Jun. | Wang Chaoying conducts lecture tour in Europe
"The Evolution of Hieroglyphs and Culture - Dongba Characters, and Kanji"
Vienna | Austria
Angewandte – Universitaet fuer angewandte Kunst Wien
Dornbirn | Austria
Fachhochschule Vorarlberg
Zurich | Switzerland
Tag der Schrift
Commedia und Berufschule fuer Gestaltung, Medien Form Farbe
Stuttgart | Germany
Typografische Gesellschaft Stuttgart
Haus der Wirtschaft

Oct. | Swiss magazine TM introduces Wang Chaoying and JIBO activities in 16 page article --> article

Nov. | Thomas Bohle exhibits at Shanghai Art Fair


Apr. | Thomas Bohle holds exhibition "Ya Shi (Miyabi master)" in Tokyo, Gallery éf

Jul. | Thomas Bohle holds exhibition "Dan Ya (red of life)" in Shanghai | Peninsula Art Center | World premiere exhibition of Miyabi characters

Nov. | Thomas Bohle exhibits at Shanghai Art Fair


Jibo is established by Wang Chaoying & Gallery éf

Daniela Egger joins as european representative, connecting JIBO activities to the west and organzing a steady cultural exchange.